Build the future

We help entrepreneurs go from zero to one.Using proprietary technology, go to market strategy and seed funding, Remote Ventures aims to help you de-risk the startup creation process.

What We Do

Through its venture building stack Remote Ventures helps entrepreneurs define and ideate proposed solutions, inject its proprietary ConnectX IP, grant business development expertise, and provide shared services.Remote Ventures injects up to $125,000 in each venture. The team acts as a co-founder of each entity to ensure that each venture is able to go to market with a ready product and capital for commercialisation.


The Team

In 2020, Aaron & Jason realised that there was a gap in the market. Founders who had never developed new platforms were at a disadvantage due to inexperience and a deficit in support.They decided to develop a venture studio to help these founders build their dream company with support in technology, capital and mentorship.

Contact Us

We are always open to have a chat to find out about your idea and to see how we can add value to your journey.